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RE: FrameMaker patch p578

The patch will NOT install if the prerequisite previous patch isn't
already installed.

        - Dov

At 5/5/2003 01:53 PM, Spreadbury, David C. wrote:
>I installed the patch and haven't noticed any change in Frames operation.
>I don't know if the patch requires that previous patches be installed. There
>are two others.
>As far as uninstalling the patch is concerned, there is a file installed
>with this patch, which I have never seen before, that details how to
>uninstall the patch.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mike Hiatt [mailto:mhiatt@vocaldata.com]
>Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 3:22 PM
>To: framers@FrameUsers.com
>Subject: FrameMaker patch p578
>Has anyone else installed Adobe's p578 patch for Framemaker and noticed that
>suddenly things don't work the same as they did? How do I uninstall a
>Framemaker patch? Do I have to uninstall Frame and reload it along with the
>good patches?
>I loaded p578 per Adobe's announcement and the anticipation that we will be
>moving to Acrobat 6. I ran a book comparison and Frame crashes when I close
>and then try to save the document summary file. Everytime. Not sometimes.
>Not if I'm running the compare again files located on the network as opposed
>to local files, every time.
>I fixed issues in a chapter that is made up of 5 text insets that are
>complete files in themselves. Each is conditionalized so that only one of
>them shows up depending on which manual we are creating. Each time we
>re-generate the file after selecting a different conditional text setting
>(for example, changing from condition A to condition B) we have to check our
>special chapter to find out if only the text inset tagged condition B is
>showing or if we have one or more text insets appearing. The solution is to
>re-assign the correct condition to several of the text insets that seem to
>lose their conditional text setting upon regeneration.
>Mike Hiatt
>Manager, Tech Pubs
>VocalData, Inc.
>Dallas, TX (yep, that one)

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