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Re: Automatic Smart Quotes for Language

Good question, thank you, Ragnar.

; USA, Great Britain
; SmartQuotes=\xe3\xd2\xc7\xc8 ;  Russia, and most former U.S.S.R. republics
; SmartQuotes=\xd4\xd5\xc7\xc8 ;  Russia, and most former U.S.S.R. republics
in some scientific publications
; SmartQuotes=\xdc\xdd\xc7\xc8 ;  Switzerland 1
; SmartQuotes=\xdc\xdd\xe3\xd2 ;  Switzerland 2
; SmartQuotes=\xdd\xdc\xe3\xd2 ;  Austria
; SmartQuotes=\xdd\xdc\xe3\xd2 ;  Germany 1
; SmartQuotes=\xc8\xc7\xe3\xd2 ;  Germany 2
; SmartQuotes=\xe2\xd4\xe3\xd2 ;  Germany 3
; SmartQuotes=\xdc\xdd\xc7\xc8 ;  France <= extra space should be used
between the cited text and both alternative and main quote characters
; SmartQuotes=\xd3\xd3\xc8\xc8 ;  Sweden
; SmartQuotes=\xe3\xd2\xc8\xc7 ;  Denmark
; SmartQuotes=\xd2\xe3\xc7\xc8 ;  Italy  <= extra space should be used
between the cited text and main quote characters
; SmartQuotes=\xc7\xc8\xd2\xd3 ;  Spain
; SmartQuotes=\xe3\xd2\xc7\xc8 ;  Norway
; SmartQuotes=\xd2\xd3\xc7\xc8 ;  Portugal
; SmartQuotes=\xe3\xd3\xd3\xd3 ;  the Netherlands

I'll be glad to hear about the use of Smart Quotes in Central European area,
as well as some comments about my table above.
The national style sign Number (Nš) differentials are very interesting to
know here too.

Best regards,

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Subject: RE: Automatic Smart Quotes for Language
Changing the maker.ini this way works fine, what I asked for was a way of
changing the Smart Quotes without having to quit FM and changing maker.ini.
However, this seems not to be possible without a lot of programming and
there seems to be no plug-in available. How about other languages? It should
be quite possible to write the hex codes for single and double Smart quotes
in a number of languages for the maker.ini file. Oddly enough, this seems to
be very specific country by country. Anyone that would like to share their
country codes? Polish? Russian? Spanish? Dutch? Chinese? Japanese?
Ragnar Hanas
Uddevalla, Sweden
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Subject: Automatic Smart Quotes for Language

Hi All,
I am not sure if it was this list or not that someone asked about changing
the Smart quotes so that they worked automatically for German. Basically
that the Smart quote option would input German style quotes automatically
rather than the normal "English" quotes.
I was in the .ini file looking for something else and found the following:
; Smart Quote Characters
; SmartQuotes \xd4\xd5\xd2\xd3 )  English curved quotes
; SmartQuotes \xe2\xd4\xe3\xd2 )  German-style quotes with base quotes
; SmartQuotes \xd5\xd5\xc7\xc8 )  French-style quotes using guillemets
; SmartQuotes \xd5\xd5\xd3\xd3 )  Swedish- and Finnish-style quotes
; SmartQuotes \xd4\xd5\xd2\xd3 )  Italian curved quotes
; English curved quotes:
It looks like that if you replace the last line with the "SmartQuotes" line
for the language that you are working with that Smart quotes will input
those quotes.
Remember when you work with a different language you will have to do this
again for that language.

Ann Zdunczyk
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