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RE: [f2a] RE: Upgrade to Windows XP

Yes, I am running as Administrator. It was a brand-new hard-drive on my home

Unfortunately, as I look at my work computer, I see that what I installed
was Acrobat 5.0, not 5.0.5, because that is the media I had. So what the
heck do I do now?

Walter Crockett

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I assume that you actually fully wiped out Windows'98 and installed
Windows XP Pro on a newly-formatted disk partition, right?!?
I honestly don't know what happened when you got a failure when attempting
to install Acrobat. Hopefully you were trying to install Acrobat 5.0.5.
Any previous version would have been highly problematic under Windows XP.
Assuming that what was eventually installed was Acrobat 5.0.5, you should
not have had any need whatsoever to download and install any printer driver
or create any printer driver instances for Acrobat. The Acrobat 5.0.5
installer does create an Acrobat Distiller PostScript printer driver
instance using the latest PostScript driver. If it didn't, I suspect that
something is still fundamentally wrong with either your computer or how
your Windows XP Pro was installed. The failure of the Acrobat install and
the failure of the driver install indicate something is flakey with your
system. (You are running as Administrator, correct?!?!?)

        - Dov

At 1/24/2003 11:09 AM, walter.crockett@ascentialsoftware.com wrote:
>I can vouch for the fact that Acrobat gets quite out-of-sorts when you try
>to re-install it after an upgrade to XP Pro from Windows 98. Though I got
>the product on, and it would distill existing .ps files, it was impossible
>to get the Distiller Printer installed.
>So I did a clean install, as advised by Dov. And I still had a couple of
>* The first try froze at 82 percent of the way through adding the registry
>* The second try completed, but I got a message that I might not be able to
>* I had been advised to download Adobe Universal Postscript Windows Driver
>Installer 1.06 from the Adobe website, so I did that. However, the
>executable, winsteng.exe (?) wouldn't run. It said I needed to free up 13MB
>on my C: drive. I had 72Gig free on my C: drive, but I freed up another 13
>anyway and it still gave me the same message. 
>So I installed adist5.ppd, and I pray for the best. Is there something in
>that 1.06 download that would be better than what I have, and, if so, how
>I get it to open? 
>Walter Crockett


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