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SaveAsPdf problems

I know there have been similar questions put out there but we have recently
been having a lot of problems generating PDF's from Frame 7 and I am trying
to consolidate the information so that I can understand what is happening
and where we are going wrong. I have found this list to be very helpful in
the past and so am returning to the well for more information!

The two main problems are broken links and PDFs not being created at all.
Windows NT & 2000
Frame 7.0p576
Distiller 5
Acrobat 5.0.5

Problem 1: Broken Hypertext and Cross-reference links in the PDF. Since
upgrading to Frame 7 we seem to have a lot of broken links in our PDF
outputs. This did not seem to be a problem with Frame556 and Distiller302.
Was the named destinations turned on by default in these versions? 

Some of our documents are rather large and so we had been hoping to avoid
having to select the "Create Named Destinations for All Elements and
Paragraphs" but if we don't select that option we get a lot of broken links.
Initially we thought that optimizing the files fixed the broken links but we
have since discovered that although Cross-references now seem to all be
working a number of goto link Hypertext links are not working. It also seems
to be rather random - which ones work and which ones don't. Is this a known
issue and our only option (other than plug ins such as unbloat) is to create
named destinations for all paragraphs? This caused one of our PDFs to go
from 3MB to 9MB which seemed rather excessive! If this is happening to us,
is it happening to everyone? 

Problem 2: Unable to create PDFs after upgrading Frame556 files.
Occasionally after saving all files as version 7 and optimizing them, using
Format>Document>Optimize PDF size>Optimize file, trying to save the book as
PDF, no PDF is created and the book status bar says something like "Unable
to open <bookname>TOC.fm". The TOC can be opened without any errors though.
I have even tried deleting the TOC from my hard drive and then adding a new
one to no avail? Are there other settings that need to be altered in order
for this to work? I have also had this same thing happen except it has
bailed on the IX file instead? When trying to save as pdf through an exe
written with the FDK the error returned is -1, which upon checking
fapidefs.h indicates that "/* Communications is falling apart */ "

Help? and thank you in advance

Sue Mitchell
Writing Support Specialist
Cognos, Inc.
613.738.1338 x5461

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