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FDK:Question about F_Free

Hello Framers,

I have an intermittent crash with one of my plugins. It appears to be
happening when I free a string with F_Free. For example, I have this:

CharT vBuf[30];
 // Convert the absolute page number to a string.
 F_Sprintf (vBuf, "%d", vAbsolutePage);
 s = F_StrCopyString(vBuf);

If I comment out F_Free(vBuf) I don't get the crash.

My question is, if I use F_Free(vBuf), can I later use vBuf in the same
subroutine? Also, what is the danger if I don't use F_Free at all to free
the string? Thanks in advance.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
Author of FrameScript: A Crash Course

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