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RE: Can't import "Before Saving & Printing" setting (5.5.6)?

Hi Craig;

> Oops, sorry. That has to be done in each file, but again, it 
> can be scripted for changing the mifs:
> use 
> <DPageRounding MakePageCountEven>
> to replace things like:
> <DPageRounding DeleteEmptyPages>

In 5.5.6, I see <DPageRounding MakePageCountEven> in chapter MIFs, but not
in the book MIF.

We are on NT, and we don't have any script or batch products available.  The
only way I see to make this work is to open each file, save as MIF, batch
change the <DPageRounding> tags, open the MIFs, save as FM 5.5.6.  Alas,
it's less work to just go to the Numbering Properties dialog in each chapter

We are vaguely looking at upgrading to Frame 7.0, though this is mostly
driven by our need to find something to replace ForeHelp.  I was wondering
if newer versions like 7.0 might ease this process.  Any idea?


Ed (tempting Kevin Lawson into apologising for being Out-Of-Office) Treijs  

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