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Can't import "Before Saving & Printing" setting (5.5.6)?

Hi all;

I thought (naively) that File>Import Formats would import the settings in
Format>Document>Numbering for "Before Saving & Printing".  We have one
template which has this set to "Delete Empty Pages".  I'd like to quickly
apply a different template, which requires "Make Page Count Even".

In Frame 5.5.6, this setting is not imported (as far as I can tell).  Which
is unfortunate, because every release we'd want to produce each of our docs
in both templates.  This means going through the book manually, opening
every file and going through the Format>Document>Numbering tango.

I notice that 5.5.6 seems to have more items imported than 5.0; do newer
versions of FrameMaker import the numbering properties?

Ed (so close....or....missed it by thaaat much) Treijs

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