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RE: SOLUTION - Page Sizing is Being Prevented

I think you could also start with an empty new document, delete all the text
frames on master and body pages, and resize your page. Then add your new
small text frames. Save, and either create your doc or import this format
into an existing doc.


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Subject: SOLUTION - Page Sizing is Being Prevented

I found the solution to my page size problem. I saved the doc as a MIF file.
Then, I replaced every page size instance values to the size that I wanted.
Then, I reopened the file in FM. Problem solved!

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From: David Schor [mailto:Davids@vcon.co.il]
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 11:32 AM

My current project requires a page size of 80 x 100 mm (app. 3.15 x 3.95

In the Master Pages, I reduced the main text column to 70 x 90 mm. After a
few experiments, my left margin is 2 mm and my top margin is 2 mm. The
footer is 70 x 4.5 mm. There is no header.

It seems that all these changes should be enough to fit inside the 80 x 100
page. However, when I try to change to the Custom page size, I receive an
error message: "Resulting columns would be too narrow."

I've tried changing the right and bottom margins of the text frames in the
Master Change to 2 mm and 3 mm respectfully, even for the footer. However, I
receive an error message: "The top or bottom margin does not leave enough
room for the header or footer."

I'm at wit's end. How can I produce the 80 x 100 mm page size?

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