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New scam?


Apologies if you already know about this; I think it's worth spreading the

We're all accustomed to the messages from Nigeria, and we've all had a quiet
snigger (or even a loud guffaw) over the convoluted English. But I've just
received a grammatically flawless message purporting to be from the
Netherlands Lottery, telling me that I've won umpteen squillions and
suggesting that I contact them to arrange collection. Needless to say, it's
a fake -- and the Netherlands Lottery website carries a brief but obscure
warning about scams in their name. I can't see the purpose; the message
doesn't ask for bank account details or anything else potentially useful to
a fraudster. Perhaps it's just trying to verify the e-mail address (one I
haven't used for a long time).

Anyway, the best way to respond seems to be the same as in the case of the
Nigerian messages: hit the delete key.

Michael Lewis

Brandle Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia

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