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RE: What's the "dream machine" for running Frame?

I think I'm only seeing half of this thread (and I know why).

Nevertheless, I'm curious. Is there an Adobe®/Dov-approved(tm) comprehensive description of all the printer settings for Win2k, Distiller 5.x, and/or some of the laser printers (e.g. one for emulators like HP and one for true PS) hooked up to the latest universal AdobePS printer driver? 

Does the information supplied in Dov's message to the world entitled "Driver & Distiller Settings Phor Phun & Prophet!" still all apply?

Just dealing with it,

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> From: Dov Isaacs [mailto:isaacs@Adobe.COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 4:03 PM
> To: Sean Brierley
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> Subject: RE: What's the "dream machine" for running Frame?
> Sean,
> It does NOT ignore all those properties. Whatever settings you
> have for PostScript generation for ASCII/binary, gray settings,
> resolution, fonts, etc. inherit from the Acrobat Distiller printer
> instance. It overrides certain settings such as page size / 
> orientation.
>         - Dov
> At 12/4/2002 01:55 PM, Sean Brierley wrote:
> >Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.

> >You know, there still is one more thing you have to
> >do: DOCUMENT this stuff. Talk to your technical
> >writers. Truthfully, if the documentation had been
> >solid previously, fewer folks would have had trouble
> >with creating PDFs and Save as PDF in FM 5.5 and 6.0.
> >So, take the time to document this feature in the FM 8
> >UG. 

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