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re: super computer

Nope, unless you have graphics that are exceptionally complex
vector graphics in WMF or EMF format. Even the most pedestrian
(i.e., inexpensive) graphics cards should be perfectly fine
for FrameMaker. 

        - Dov

At 12/3/2002 11:22 AM, Gary.Fuchs@ambest.com wrote:
>For that many big graphics, don't you think the video card is pretty
>important to performance (before pdf, of course)?
>Gary Fuchs
>>>At 12/3/2002 09:10 AM, Greg Bathon wrote:
>>Hello all-
>>As budget time approaches, any suggestions for the ideal "super computer"
>to work with graphics-heavy frame files?  We have clients that put their
>entire manuals into ONE Frame file, with 2-4 graphics on each page.  The
>graphics are anywhere from 1 to 15 MB, and it takes an average of 2 minutes
>per page to print to PDF and even then we have to print in batches of 5
>pages at a clip, otherwise we get a system crash.
>>Right now, our stations are running:
>>Windows XP (with Service Pack 1)
>>Pentium III, 930 MHz
>>256MB RAM
>>FrameMaker 6 with the XP update installed.

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