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connected text frames question

hi folks

I am updating our department's frame 6.0 templates.  currently working w/
relatively straightforward chapter templates using two text flows--main body
text in flow B.

I am running into issues w/ addtl. pages not being generated as expected
when I add to the main text flow.  instead of the pages automatically being
added to the chapter to accomodate the content added, the text flow and
graphics appear to "disappear" from sight, w/ no pages being generated.

my current (inefficient) workaround is to manually add the needed # of addtl
disconnected pages. once I link the disconnected frames, the two universes
recognize each other, and the book updates correctly.

I was hoping saving the templates -> MIF then saving back again -> .FM may
clear out some of the cobwebs and confusion, but it hasn't solved this

what setting am I missing here in troubleshooting this?  I'm sure my pilot
error has somehow contributed ...


Linda Jackson
Documentation Manager, WebTrends Engineering
NetIQ Corporation

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