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RE: Word Text Copying as an Object

We have had lots of problems with unwanted fonts and colours being added to
documents when writers used paste instead of paste special (so much easier
to use ctrl-v than the menus) so we ended up recommending that they
rearrange the order of their Clipboard Format Priorities in their maker.ini
file. Text is normally listed as the last in the order of priorities. If you
simply put it second, when you paste, the text automatically goes in as
plain text. This does not affect pasting from within FrameMaker - formatting
is retained - it only affects text copied from an application other than
Frame. So the line in maker.ini now looks like:

ClipboardFormatsPriorities=FILE, TEXT, OLE 2, EMF, META, DIB, BMP, MIF, RTF

Hope this helps.


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Subject: RE: Word Text Copying as an Object

Word adds some formatting junk to the text and Frame interprets this as
a really cool thing and thus treats it as an object.  Copy the text
to a generic text application, such as TextPad, Notepad, an empty plain
text email, or some such 'stupid' application.  The result is plain
text without any formatting which can thus be pasted into Frame as
just plain text.  I get caught by this all the time.


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I'm having a bit of a problem with copying Word text and having it paste 
into FM as an object.  That is, it copies into FM in it's own frame instead 
of just body text.

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