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Re: Empty line after text inset - wrong para tag!

François Périgny wrote:
> Hello!
> My problem: in my container documents, the next line after many (but not
> all!) text insets is given the para tag corresponding to the first line
> INSIDE the inset. Even if I change the tag in container to Body, it returns
> to the other one after updating the inset.
> No extra carriage return in my source doc. No special formatting. Makes no
> difference if there is text on the line or not.
> Thanks for your help!
> François
Sorry but you have hit a well known bug.
The work around is to create a new paragraph tag that uses line spacing
of zero an dpoint size of zero and add one of these line to the start of
each fragment you import as insets. You also need a blank line after the
inset in the doc - which will also pick up this tag. As both paragraphs
will end up being invisible no-one will ever know.


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