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RE: Privatization of the commons considered harmful.

Not sure if Outlook has that option, but I'll check.  All messages from both
framers lists get routed to one folder so they don't fill up my in-box.
It's easy to scan them that way and delete duplicates.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sue Ellen Adkins [mailto:sea@best.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 6:44 PM
To: Dick Gaskill; 'Jeremy H. Griffith'; framers@omsys.com
Subject: RE: Privatization of the commons considered harmful.

I use Eudora (Mac version) and have it configured to delete duplicate 
messages. The option is on the "Really Miscellaneous" 
settings/options page.

sue ellen

At 6:12 PM -0800 2/6/02, Dick Gaskill wrote:
>Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
>Any ideas of the best way out of this swamp?  ;-)
>Two ideas, Jeremy,
>One is obvious, and that is use the delete key on all duplicate messages.
>do that a lot.  Just look at the SENT timestamp on the message and delete
>all duplicate ones.   Doesn't take long to delete them at all.
>The other idea is to use the Digest.  Then you get ONE message dump per
>And you can still use the Del key.
>-Dick Gaskill


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