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RE: Privatization of the commons considered harmful.

I use Eudora (Mac version) and have it configured to delete duplicate 
messages. The option is on the "Really Miscellaneous" 
settings/options page.

sue ellen

At 6:12 PM -0800 2/6/02, Dick Gaskill wrote:
>Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
>Any ideas of the best way out of this swamp?  ;-)
>Two ideas, Jeremy,
>One is obvious, and that is use the delete key on all duplicate messages.  I
>do that a lot.  Just look at the SENT timestamp on the message and delete
>all duplicate ones.   Doesn't take long to delete them at all.
>The other idea is to use the Digest.  Then you get ONE message dump per day.
>And you can still use the Del key.
>-Dick Gaskill


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