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landscape tables, redux

I recently asked for help in getting landscape tables into Frame docs.
Thanks to Ann Zdunczyk, Dan Emory, and Deborah Snavley for taking the time
to send me information on creating rotated pages, which I thought would
solve the problem.  However, I still have the basic problem, as I mentioned

> Then I tried creating a landscape table, but the title box stays
>at the top of the table in portrait orientation, even if I rotate the table.

What I'm trying to import are graphic objects, which are already oriented
as landscapes.  No matter what I've tried - creating landscape master
pages, creating landscape-oriented pages, and bizarre combinations of the
two - the table title stays parallel to the headers and footers, rather
than running along the top of the landscape table.

Ideas, anyone?


Irene Rush
Writing, Editing, Indexing
2471 Tierra Drive, Los Osos CA 93402
805 534 9456

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