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Re: Custom Cell Shading -- changing the "Fill Percentage"


you can not edit the available percentage values as far as I know, but
you can define "custom" colors that are specific percentage tints, such
as "Gray 20%"  for 20% black.

Under the View menu, select Color > Definitions  and then browse through
the existing color libraries, or define your own custom color.

Once defined in a document (or better, the template used for all your
similar docs) you can assign these colors as the fill of the table cell.
Just be sure to use 100% of the custom color. OR, get really creative,
and assign both the custom color and a percentage, to get 30% of the
"Gray 20%" and see what you get.

Jane Post wrote:

> When applying shading to a table cell, you can apply: None, 3%, 10%, 30%,
> 50%, 70%, 90% or 100%.
> Is it possible to define additional "Fill Percentages" such as 20%?? I have
> a document where the tables include shaded text of varying degrees to denote
> a specific standard that applies to the information being documented.
> The only info I found is how to apply shading in objects or tables, or
> displaying the Custom Cell Shading settings but not how to add a different
> fill percentage.
> TIA,
> Jane E. Post
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