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PostScript error printing (some) PDF

Hi. I need help toubleshooting the following PostScript error printing a PDF

PostScript Error Handler

Offending Command = clip
Error = nametype : limitcheck
Stack = 

The Adobe site didn't yield much specific information in the way of PS Error
Handler messages.

Some notes:

*	I created this PDF file by printing to Acrobat Distiller. 
*	The page on which it bails out is in the middle of a chapter. It
contains three screen shots. All of the page's text prints, as does the
first screen shot. The final two screen shots do not appear.
*	The postscript and PDF files are both created without incident. It's
only when I go to print the PDF that I encounter this problem (and only with
this document).

Any help is much appreciated, as PDF is scheduled to go to the printer this


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