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Re: Controlling white space around graphic frames

Hi Bart,

Yes, a good solution exists. Put the graphic in a anchored frame in a 
paragraph by itself, tagged something like FramePara. The anchored frame 
should be At Insertion Point, Baseline Offset=0.

Put the caption below it in a separate paragraph, perhaps FrameCaption.

The paragraph stack now looks like this:


You can control all vertical white space by controlling Space Above and 
Space Below for these tags. No manual adjustment is necessary -- just use 
the tags.

Make sure that:

    FramePara Line Spacing is *not* set to Fixed.
    You shrink-wrap the anchored frame
      around the graphic with Esc m p.
    You don't resize anchored frames by grabbing
      them from the bottom. This changes baseline

There are other ways (a one-cell table) but this is my recommended method. 
The results look very professional.

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
On sale at www.bn.com

Bart Windrum wrote:

>Before mucking around with a QuicKey sequence...
>I want to ensure common, preformatted amounts of white space above and below
>graphic frames used to hold screenshots. Frame heights will vary (widths
>will be common, the full column measure). In all instances I want to specify
>either differing offsets above and below, or a common "border" if need be
>(altho certain pix will require the full column width and cannot withstand
>horizontal cropping).
>Does a solution exist? I notice a "border" option in the graphics toolbar
>but applying this -- to the frame or the pix inside it -- has no effect
>(even after speccing a big one, 60pts). The Mac commands for shrinkwrapping
>and unshrinkwrapping do not take affect so I cannot evaluate this
>This issue remains opaque; obviously its implementation differs from that
>employed in XPress, where one simply applies a border inside or outside an

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