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Controlling white space around graphic frames

Before mucking around with a QuicKey sequence...

I want to ensure common, preformatted amounts of white space above and below
graphic frames used to hold screenshots. Frame heights will vary (widths
will be common, the full column measure). In all instances I want to specify
either differing offsets above and below, or a common "border" if need be
(altho certain pix will require the full column width and cannot withstand
horizontal cropping).

Does a solution exist? I notice a "border" option in the graphics toolbar
but applying this -- to the frame or the pix inside it -- has no effect
(even after speccing a big one, 60pts). The Mac commands for shrinkwrapping
and unshrinkwrapping do not take affect so I cannot evaluate this

This issue remains opaque; obviously its implementation differs from that
employed in XPress, where one simply applies a border inside or outside an

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