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Special characters (up arrow, down arrow, etc.) losing bold attribute when underlined

Using: FrameMaker 6.0/Acrobat 4.0
I'm experiencing two problems when trying to insert a special character. The
special characters (up arrow, down arrow, etc.) aredefined as a variable.
All attributes are set to 'As Is' in the character tag except for the font
which is either Symbol or Wingdings. These special characters can appear in
Body text, headings, or code; therefore, I need the point size to adjust as
needed when the character is tagged.
Problem 1: I have a heading3 for which both Bold and Underline are selected
in the Paragraph Designer. When the special character is inserted, the bold
underline is replaced with an unbolded underline for just that
character--the rest of the heading appears as it should with the bolded
Problem 2: When I create a .PDF file, the special characters are replaced
with the Symbol or Wingding graphic representation (the same symbol
displayed once the variable is defined and saved) when displayed in the
Bookmark tab.
Is there a way to correct these problems?? I don't want the underline to run
the width of the page so using a set length as with 'underline' for the
Below Pgf setting (Advanced tab) won't work.

Happy Holidays!!!

Jane E. Post

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