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Re: Schematic Drawings


> I neglected to mention that the engineer gave me the schematics free hand
> I created it in Frame, but was given the advice to create in its own
template so
> future drawings will have the similar properties. I guess I'll need to
look into
> other diagram programs than the Frame drawing tool, since the schematics
are to
> be more complex in the near future.

There is a program called Visual Thought from a company that has gone
defunct.  It is the poor person's version of Visio.  However, it can export
its drawings as MIF, so if you need to do any last-minute tweaks, you can
do so in FrameMaker.  The program is available for free download from the
company's site, which is still functioning, at <http://www.confluent.com>.
I don't know how complex the components in the schematic are, but I believe
that you can create your own objects and add them to a palette.   Anyway,
the price is right.


Hedley Finger
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