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Why map to <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc?

WebWorks gooroos:

In the FrameMaker and Webworks lists in recent days there has been some
discussion of making sure that headings in an FM source document are always
ordered hierarchically.  For example, if you have a FM Heading1 mapped to,
say, a WebWorks pHeading1 (= HTML <h1>) you should not follow it with a
Heading3 mapped to pHeading3 (= <h3>) without an intervening Heading2
(pHeading2, <h2>).  Correspondents have been insisting that headings must
follow a strict hierarchy or the FM to Webworks Help or HTML 4.0 conversion
blows up.

In our documentation, procedure headings are ALWAYS a Heading4 para format,
but can appear after Heading3 or Heading2 levels.  I don't have much
stomach for creating YABF (yet another bloody format) whose sole purpose is
to duplicate a Heading3 level with the appearance of a Heading4 procedure

I have just received WebWorks Publisher 7.0 for an early Christmas and am
still in the throes of trying to read the User's Guide and get an idea of
how it works.  So I am not across the product yet.

However, I have previously used mif2go to produce MS HTML Help from FM
files and did not even bother to try to map the FM para and char formats to
the native HTML tags.  Instead, I mapped every paragraph format to a <p>
tag with a para 'class' selector and every character format to a <span> tag
with a char 'class' selector.

Thus hc_ChapTitle mapped to <p class="hcChapTitle"> and ei_EmphasisItalic
mapped to <span class="eiEmphasisItalic">.  Then I created a CSS with
.hcChapTitle and .eiEmphasisItalic formats.

The indenting of numbered paragraphs and bulleted paragraphs was not quite
right in that the text of the first line did not quite match up with that
of the second and subsequent lines.  But, as far as cost-benefit goes, the
result was judged a success.

So, will this method work in WebWorks?    Can I get away with this approach
in bulleted and numbered lists and use some fancy footwork to get proper
hanging indents?  Arguments for HTML, XML, or SGML purity of structure will
not sway me unless in fact WWP works in no other way.

[Windows 2000, FrameMaker 6.0p405, FrameScript 1.27C01, Enhance 2.03,
Acrobat 4.05.2, mif2go 31u33, WebWorks Publisher 7.0, IXgen 5.5.h, HTML
Help Workshop 4.74 build 8702.0, HTML Help 1.31]


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