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Illustrations in FrameMaker+SGML

Over the years, we've become quite comfortable with building illustrations
in plain ol' FrameMaker.  We have many illustrations that contain one or
more screenshots (imported by reference), callouts in text frames, and
leader lines from the callouts to the areas of the screenshot to which they
We're now investigating FrameMaker+SGML, but I notice that the
FrameMaker+SGML documentation says "for best results put only one graphic in
each (anchored) frame." The doc goes on to say that text in a frame is not
maintained as part of a document's structure.  Thus I presume, the text
doesn't get exported to SGML.
The question: those of you that have made the shift to FrameMaker+SGML, how
do you handle the changes that it forced on your graphics with callouts?
What workarounds have you found?
Moving the callouts to the graphics file (and most other alternatives along
those lines) seems to be a real step back to the stone age, because we lose
searchability, FrameMaker variables, conditional text, and the ability to
forge iron <grin>.
Thanks in advance,
Simon Bate 
Online Visionary, Publications 
Peregrine Systems, Inc.
voice  650 486 4477 
mobile 408 396 7947 

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