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Re: Remember Missing Font Names

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:48:51 -0500, Lee Creighton 
<Lee.Creighton@sas.com> wrote:

>You and the list have my sincerest apologies. I had been 
>concentrating so much on the six or eight lines that dealt 
>with fonts that I necver stepped back to look at the size 
>of the entire file. I certainly understand how disconcerting 
>it is to receive something of this size, unwanted.

Thank you.

>If you feel that a filter is necessary to prevent this from 
>happening again, I encourage you to institute it. However, 
>I would think that the maker.ini file would be a source of 
>confusion for many, and adding a block on this list would 
>cause problems for those like me could not intuit their way 
>through all the settings.

The block is aimed at stopping the *whole* file, by watching
for a few selected items that are unlikely to be quoted on
purpose...  ;-)  We also added an HTML block for security
reasons; such a block has been in effect on FrameUsers for
some time, and the latest virus-of-the-day, which propagates
that way (without requiring you to open an attachment) has 
convinced us to follow suit.

>In other words, I'm assuming your filters search through 
>message text, since the .ini file was part of the message 
>rather than an attachment. The filter would then block any 
>message that contained pieces of an ini file, keeping people 
>from asking questions about it. That seems like quite a 
>limitation for a list that supports Framemaker, which has 
>.ini files as an integral part of the product. It doesn't 
>seem like this problem is severe enough, or frequent enough, 
>that you'd want to remove .ini discussions.

No, you are right, we certainly wouldn't.  However, the way
the filters (which are a standard part of majordomo, BTW) are
used, we just watch for a few particular phrases in the FM
comments in the .ini... which shouldn't need to be quoted in
any discussions, but which *would* be in a bulk quote of the
whole thing...

>I leave it too you and the regulars of the listserv to determine, 
>and again I am sorry that the message was so disconcerting and 
>disruptive. I assure you *I* won't make the mistake again.

Thanks again for understanding!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
   (jeremy@omsys.com)     http://www.omsys.com/
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