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RE: Remember Missing Font Names


You and the list have my sincerest apologies. I had been concentrating so much on the six or eight lines that dealt with fonts that I necver stepped back to look at the size of the entire file. I certainly understand how disconcerting it is to receive something of this size, unwanted.

If you feel that a filter is necessary to prevent this from happening again, I encourage you to institute it. However, I would think that the maker.ini file would be a source of confusion for many, and adding a block on this list would cause problems for those like me could not intuit their way through all the settings.

In other words, I'm assuming your filters search through message text, since the .ini file was part of the message rather than an attachment. The filter would then block any message that contained pieces of an ini file, keeping people from asking questions about it. That seems like quite a limitation for a list that supports Framemaker, which has .ini files as an integral part of the product. It doesn't seem like this problem is severe enough, or frequent enough, that you'd want to remove .ini discussions.

I leave it too you and the regulars of the listserv to determine, and again I am sorry that the message was so disconcerting and disruptive. I assure you *I* won't make the mistake again.

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> From: 	jeremy@omsys.com
> Sent: 	Tuesday, November 27, 2001 1:13 PM
> To: 	Lee Creighton
> Cc: 	Framers@FrameUsers.com; Framers@omsys.com; FrameSGML@onelist.com; 'wwp-users@yahoogroups.com'; Ann Lehman; Erin Vang
> Subject: 	Re: Remember Missing Font Names
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:24:57 -0500, Lee Creighton 
> <Lee.Creighton@sas.com> wrote:
> >Here I my maker.ini, if it helps:
> Please do not do this again.  There is no need to send
> an entire lengthy file (600+ lines) to *any* list, ever.  
> You have been warned.  We are adding automatic blocks
> for maker.ini as a result of this list abuse.
> --Jeremy H. Griffith  <postmaster@omsys.com>

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