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Word2002 RTF to FM workaround

A workaround for anyone trying to import Word2002-level RTF to FrameMaker 
where both apps have correspondingly named paratags, but the import goes 
awry with paragraph tags such as "*styrsid9531820 Body" being created in FM 
-- a problem posted on the Adobe website User-to-User forum [ 
http://www.adobeforums.com ] yesterday.

If you do a Search and Replace on the RTF in a text editor or with a search 
utility (like my favorite, S&R  http://www.funduc.com ) you can remove 
them, save the RTF again, and FM imports the file just fine, sans any 
paratag naming strangeness.

Alternatively, in TextPad the regex pattern is:


as the id numbers all seem to have seven digits.



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