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Re: UPDATE (2001-11-15) Windows 2000/XP Zapf Dingbats Display Problem

One very sharp-eyed reader of my post yesterday found a typo
(thank you, Chris Wood). The correction is below.

Also, this "FURTHERMORE" recommendation can help eliminate "fonts have
changed" messages from FrameMaker (if all the PPDs only refer to one
font, Courier) AND can eliminate references to "phantom phonts" in 
programs such as PageMaker.

        - Dov

At 11/15/2001 11:10 AM, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>I PERSONALLY recommend that at stage (4)(c-d) above, you change ALL the lines 
>that begin with “*Font” to “*% Font” with the exception of the one line that 
>begins with “*Font Courier:”. ...

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