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Re: Can FM Conditional Text be ANDed?

One of the many recurring questions on the Framers lists. Hope Adobe is
listening and looking to make this the functionality in FM7.

So Barry, unless you haven't already guessed, the answer is No. To use AND
logic, you need to multiply the number of conditions in your document. If you
have two conditions (A, B) you need three (A, B, AandB), If you have three (A,
B, C) you need six (A, B, C, AandB, AandC, BandC), etcetera.

Then of course the choice of show/hide becomes a little more complex. If you
want all instances of A you now must show condition A, condition AandB, and
condition AandC for example.

For those with time on their hands, anybody up for trying to script this?
>From a document with only single application conditions (A, B) create a document
with AND conditions and the show/hide settings based on mixed AND and OR logic.
Seems 'doable'. Just might be a bit of work to fully test it.

Eric L. Dunn


A query about conditional text.

In my experience with Frame, if text is defined with (let's say) two conditions,
the text will appear if either condition is "shown." That is, the logic is OR
(only one of the conditions has to be shown for the text to be displayed).

However, I would like the text to be shown only if BOTH conditions are
shown; that is, I would like the text to remain hidden if only one of the
conditions is "lit" (a logical AND).

Does Frame work this way? If not, what kind of workaround can I employ?

Thanks for your help.
Barry Meislin
National Semiconductor

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