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Re: need help with special find/replace

Sorry, but you're wrong unless this is something that has been changed in FM6 or
is different between platforms. Try the following:

Create a new document.
Create two line in the new document, one containing a space and one containing a
Open the find dialog.
Type CTRL-space in the dialog. It will only find the REGULAR SPACE.

Even if you copy-paste a non-breaking space into the find dialog it will find
regular spaces and not non-breaking ones. ONLY typing '\ ' will work.

Eric L. Dunn

Patrick Fortino <patrick.fortino@sun.com> on 2001-11-09 04:19:51 PM

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Subject:  Re: need help with special find/replace

THe "easy" way to do it is type control space which enter '\ ' in the

edunn@transport.bombardier.com wrote:
> The correct way to enter a non-breaking space in a dialog is: '\ '
> Check the FrameMaker Documentation.
> Eric L. Dunn

Pat Fortino
Sun Microsystems

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