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Re: equations, and fonts, and conversions - oh my!

There is a way to turn the wmf facets into editable Frame graphics,
which is to use the "atomise" command.

<esc> g U

(Note the upercase U.)

This, apparently is a super variation on the "ungroup" command.

Be warned, though, that the text may turn into a large number of "text
lines" (you know, like the "A" tool on the tools pallete).

Anyway, it's better than nothing and it means that you can manipulate
these object at last.

Irene Rush wrote:
> Once again I, a lonely working-solo editor, turn to your collective wisdom
> for help on an extremely challenging problem.
> I've converted a doc from Word (presumably done on a PC; version unknown)
> to Frame 6.0 (on Mac).  One Appendix is filled with equations.  Some were
> just typed in, using subs and supers, but others appear to have been done
> in an equation editor or whatever Word has for such things.  (I'm not too
> familiar with current versions of Word and less so with creating
> equations.)  These latter are much darker than the former, and look
> especially bad when there is a line over some part of the equation.  The
> line is so thick as to obscure the top of the term beneath it.
> I checked Object Properties for one of these eq's., and it showed
>         Facets:  WMF, Frame Vector
>         Referenced File:  No File
> The Error Log shows that Times New Semi-Light is not available and that
> Times New Roman MT Extra Bold has been substituted - apparently only for
> the troublesome equations.  (Why would Frame change a semi-light font to
> extra bold?)
> When I select one of these eq's, Graphics > Ungroup is dimmed, so I don't
> see any way to delete the heavy line and put a thinner one in.
> My questions are:
> 1.  Is there a way to make Frame change the font that was substituted to
> something innocuous, such as plain Times Roman?
> 2.  Is there a way to put the object into Frame's equation editor and
> change the heavy line to a lighter one?
> 3. Is there something else I'm missing that will enable me to fix this problem?
> Thanks in advance for any help!!
> irene
> Irene Rush
> Writing, Editing, Indexing
> 2471 Tierra Drive, Los Osos CA 93402
> 805 534 9456
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