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Re: MetaEDD Editing

Thanks to those that gave me suggestions.
All seemed good but...
As I'm using variables for common definitions and general rules in my EDD
already, using variables for the element names is just too much.
Dan Emory's approach seems to be a good one. But as I already have FM, the
structure view, element catalog, variable window, and all my "subEDDs" open, yet
one more thing to skip back and forth to is just too much.
I'll probably have to look into FrameScript solutions as Thomas Neuburger
But, my predicament is a little of my own doing. My EDD is a collection of text
insets. Each is either a Section (Format Change Lists and collections of small
simple elements) or a separate element. This was originally done so I could
track changes in elements by archiving versions and so that I could propose
changes one element at a time. I think I might just go back to an all in one and
only use my single element files for archiving purposes.

Eric L. Dunn

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