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Change bars disappearing

Here's a strange behavior in FrameMaker that I wish to know
if others can reproduce. I use FM 5.5.6 on Windows NT 4.0
and FM+SGML 5.5.6 on Windows 2000.

I have global variables defined in one template file (Vars.fm),
and conditional text settings defined in another file (Cond.fm).
In a chapter file, I insert variables *and* apply a colored
condition tag to just the inserted variables to make them stand out.
(Never mind why I do it like this; it doesn't matter.)

I now turn on automatic change bars in the chapter file.
I then edit the variables in the file Vars.fm and import them
into the chapter file. The variables that have changed cause
change bars to appear, and variables that haven't changed do not
get any change bars. This is what I would have expected.

I also make other textual changes to the chapter file.
I now import conditional settings (only) from the the file Cond.fm
into the chapter file. Now all change bars applied to the
previously changed variables disappear! Hello?!?
All other change bars remain unaffected.

It doesn't matter if the conditional tags have changed their
definition or not when they are imported. The conditional tags
only have a Color defined, the Style is set to "As Is".
If I apply a conditional tag to the other textual changes, these
change bars are not affected when conditional settings are imported.

Can anyone explain why only change bars applied to variables
disappear when importing conditional settings?
Can anyone else reproduce this behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Writer, IAR Systems, Uppsala, Sweden
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