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overprinting problems

I am importing EPS graphics created in Illustrator (8) into a Frame (5.5.6)
document.  I have set one of the two colors to overprint the other color
(rather than knock out the color behind it). When I print separations from
Illustrator, the colours behave as expected: with black text set to
overprint a light blue rectangular background, the print out of the
rectangle shows a fully filled rectangle. 

Alas, when I import the graphic into Frame and print separations, the print
out of the rectangle shows knocked-out text (that is, white text where the
black text will be printed). This is not what I want, since it carries with
it the possibility of white-shadowed text if there is misregistration at
print time).

BTW, the problem persists even when I set, in Frame, the colour black to

Does anyone have a workaround, or have a suggestion as to what I might be
doing wrong?

Geoffrey Marnell
Learning Products
Appliance and Calculator Operation
Hewlett-Packard Australia
351 Burwood Hwy
Forest Hill, 3131, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 8877 5268
Fax: +61 3 9802 7714

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