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RE: Cross-refs between text insets

Thanks, all. I can make the cross-refs which update the page numbering

I do not get any Distiller warnings (or other unusual messages) when I
produce PDF of the Container with the insets (imported by reference).
Everything appears to be normal. The cross-refs I have in the Container file
(to headings in the Container file) work properly. When I produce the PDF of
just the inset, the links work. It's just The cross-refs within the insets
within the Container, that do not work.

In FM, when I am in the inset, I can hyper-click them and they work OK. 

When I am in the Container in FM, the links in the insets cannot be
hyper-clicked. When I click on the text inset, the whole inset is selected,
which is normal since it's imported by ref. But hyper-click does not work


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From: Thomas Michanek [mailto:thomas.michanek@iar.se]
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 2:46 AM
To: 'Steven Brooks'
Subject: RE: Cross-refs between text insets

> I have a Container file with Text Inset A and Text Inset B.  I want a
> cross-ref (located in B) to go to A when I produce the PDF.

The correct procedure is:
1. Make the cross-ref from text inset B to text inset A (disregarding
   the container file). Save both text inset files.
2. Import text inset A into the container file (or update the
   inset if it's already imported).
3. Re-make the cross-ref from text inset B, but now make it go to
   text inset A in the container file. Save text inset B.
4. Import text inset B into the container file (or update the
   inset if it's already imported).

Step 1 makes sure there's a cross-ref marker in text inset A.
Step 3 makes the cross-ref use that marker in the container file.

> Also, in the text insets, I have cross-refs within the inset. When I
> the PDF of the Container, these cross-refs do not work. They are not
> available for clicking.

This should work. How do you produce the PDF? Any Distiller warnings?
Do the links work in FM? (hyper-click them in the inset)

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