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Q: Handling running footers

Greetings all...

We've encountered an interesting problem that I'm hoping has a simple
solution. We have some publications (each with their own book file) with
chapters made up of discrete files (common materials shared between all
publications). We're finding that these discrete files aren't picking up the
chapter/appendix details in their running footer. We have a "Running H/F 1"
tag comprised of:

paratext[Contents]>  <$paratext[ChapterTitle]><$paratext[AppendixTitle]>

Have any of you encountered this kind of issue, and how did you deal with

Thanx in advance!

Running: WinNT4.0 + FM 5.5.3
Geoff Bradbury
Technical Writer
RSA Security Australia Pty Ltd
Tel: +61 7 3227 4470
Mob: 0419 626 758
Fax: +61 7 3227 4400
email: gbradbury@rsasecurity.com.au

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