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Re: Resolving font problems on UNIX and Windows platforms

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From: "Bob Silva [TEMP]" <Robert.Silva@eng.sun.com>
> Does anyone have an enterprise solution to the font problems created by
> moving Frame docs from UNIX to Windows and back? More of our writers
> want to author on PCs, but getting "unavailable fonts" messages is
> really a drag. We're using standard Adobe fonts: Palatino, Courier,
> Helvetica, plus ZapfDingbats and templates developed on UNIX FrameMaker.

The best long-term solution is to purchase and install all Type 1 fonts
you use on all your computer systems. I guess you have these fonts as
part of the FrameMaker or Acrobat distribution on UNIX.

The easiest solution may be to make sure all Windows users have the FM
preference "Remember missing fonts" turned on, and let FM on Windows
temporarily substitute these fonts with other fonts. This won't get
rid of the messages, and the documents may be formatted differently
on Windows, but at least you don't mess up the fonts.
Another rhing to test is to make your Windows users select a true
PostScript printer as their default printer before opening any of the
documents in FM. The printer may give access to the fonts!

> Adobe has a couple of interesting suggestions, which I'd like advice on
> if anyone has it:
> 1. Set up a font alias on Windows machines.
> 2. Create a maker.ini file for Windows machines and allow Frame to
> substitute fonts using the fonts named in the file.

This is also possible, but the solution I would try last, since it can
be real tricky to define these substitutions correctly. You may try to
use ATM Deluxe on Windows to make font substitutions ahead of FM's

All of this is further explained on my web page:

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