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Re: OT: Macworld

>Still no FrameMaker in the Adobe booth. Sigh.
>On the other hand, PowerBook envy just climbed to new heights with 
>the arrival of the Titanium.
>Good keynote, some new really killer applications, faster G4s, 
>significant improvements to the OS X development (they are 
>listening) and you can smell that there is some other stuff in the 
>pipeline for New York this summer. This should shut up the 
>doomsayers in the press for a couple of days.

Now that Apple has announced the release date for OS X (24 March 
2001) is there any more word on when we can expect to see a native 
(Carbon or Cocoa) version of FrameMaker for OS X? From here it looks 
like OS X will be the best OS in the world, so I'd love to be able to 
run Frame on it natively. :-)


PS The expo was great.

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