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Large PS files created on Windows 2000


We're making our way to Windows 2000, and have run into an interesting issue
when generating .PS files from FrameMaker--they're enormous!

Windows 2000 Server
FrameMaker 5.56
Adobe's Universal PS Driver (1.02)
Acrobat Distiller PPD from Acrobat 4
PostScript fonts: Palatino, Univers, Rotis, Courier

As an example, I have a FrameMaker book with 36 files in it, for a total of
330 pages. When I generate a PostScript file for this book on Windows NT
4.0, the file is 12.9 megabytes. When I generate the same PostScript file
for the very same book on Windows 2000, the file is _132_ megabytes. That's
over 10 times larger! Both PostScript files are being generated in ASCII

The issue seems to be how PostScript fonts are embedded. On Windows NT 4,
only one instance of each PostScript font in included in the file. On
Windows 2000, each font is embedded dozens and dozens of times. For example,
in one small PostScript file I generated, 10 different font instances were
used. THe Windows NT 4.0 version included only 10 instances. The version
generated on Windows 2000 had 189 font instances. Those duplicate font
instances represent a bloat of 10.5 megabytes!

So, we're trying to figure out how to get the Universal PS driver on Windows
2000 to stop embedding all of these duplicate font instances. So far, we're
not having any luck. Does anybody have and suggestions how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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