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Re: Line limitation in table cell?

Be aware that a straddle becomes, in effect, a single cell and thus
is also subject to FrameMaker's prohibition on breaking a row across
pages (or multiple columns.)  Custom ruling, OTOH, does achieve the
appearance of a straddle while permitting the underlying multiple
rows to page break as (generally) desired.

I have never found a problem with multiple paragraphs in cells as
long as one maintains careful control over the absolute vertical
size of any row.  Of course, reformatting paragraphs globally can
easily lay waste to your otherwise carefully managed layout.

Dowdell Charles wrote:

> I have had a long standing policy to avoid multiple paragraphs in table
> cells. I have had text information disappear in this case and I have verbal
> consensus with Adobe that "it can happen".
> Beware when using multiple paragraghs and lots of lines in cells. I feel it
> is better to split information into multiple cells and and use straddle or
> remove the horizontal rule between the associated cells.
> Charlie Dowdell
> The Raymond Corporation
> Publications Manager
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> From: Ridder, Fred [mailto:Fred.Ridder@Dialogic.com]
> Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 9:56 AM
> To: Maggie Yeong; Rick Henkel; 'FrameMaker discussion list '; 'Framers
> list '
> Subject: RE: Line limitation in table cell?
> The one absolute limit is that FrameMaker will never, *ever*
> break a table row across pages. You *must* ensure that no
> row (or individual cell) is taller than the available height in
> your text frame, or else the cell contents will simply disappear
> off the bottom of the page. If you are displaying object borders
> (View>Borders selected), you will see the bottom border of the
> text frame change from a dotted line to a solid line, but this is
> the only indication that content has become invisible due to
> a too-tall cell/row.
> My opinions only; I don't speak for Dialogic or Intel...
> Fred Ridder (Fred.Ridder@Dialogic.com)
> Senior Publishing System Analyst
> Dialogic, an Intel company
> Parsippany, NJ
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> From: Maggie Yeong [mailto:maggie@springsoft.com.tw]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 10:39 PM
> To: Rick Henkel; 'FrameMaker discussion list '; 'Framers list '
> Subject: Re: Line limitation in table cell?
> Hi Rick,
> I set the maximum height to 14", minimum to 0".
> When it's over 50 lines, I can't see the cell content
> anymore.
> What should I do?
> Maggie
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> From: "Rick Henkel" <rick.henkel@channelpoint.com>
> To: "'Maggie Yeong '" <maggie@springsoft.com.tw>;
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> Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 10:28 AM
> Subject: RE: Line limitation in table cell?
> Maybe your row isn't tall enough? If you go to Table | Row
> Format, you'll see a maximum height for the row.
> For some reason, one of my writers had set that to 3", then she
> couldn't figure out why her table wasn't displaying correctly.
> Rick
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> From: Maggie Yeong
> To: FrameMaker discussion list; Framers list
> Sent: 1/10/01 6:38 PM
> Subject: Line limitation in table cell?
> Hello Framers,
> I'm using FM 6.0 on Win2Kpro.
> Is there any line limitation in a table cell?
> My table overlapped with others when
> I inserted too many lines in the cell.
> Pls let me know if you have any solution.
> Thanks,
> Maggie

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