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Re: Using \t type of symbols in marker text

| Hello,
| Inclusion of \t or even preceded by a \ (in accordance with the
| FrameMaker documentation for Unix) to include tabs between marker
| texts doesnt seem to work. In both cases I get the the \t or these
| characters preceded by an extra \ printed out as characters on an
| AML-page.
| Does anybody have a suggestions on how I can correctly include the
| tab-symbol in these types of lists?
| Regards,
| sverre

Sverre -

The documentation is correct when you are editing the MARKER TEXT,
that is, info in the 'text edit' box in the Marker dialog window.

If you want the resulting generated document to have the tabs (or
whatever else, such as hard spaces) you simply add the appropriate
character by typing it in desired position (between the building
blocks like <$markertext> and <$pagenum>) in the AML flow on the
special AML reference page.

For example:

<$markertext>TAB      <$pagenum>

where TAB is a tab character, entered by pressing the tab key, and
an appropriate tab stop is set for the pagenumber in each of the
<markertype>AML paragraphs on the AML reference page (thus, the
whitespace in the sample above.)

The AML flow & reference page will be found in both the source file,
and the generated Alphabetical Marker List document, if you have
already created the AML.  If not, generate it one time, and then
fix the format info, save the file, and generate again to include
the modified format info.

-- Lester
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