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Re: auto PDF conversion

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From: <kspencer@usmarine.com>
> I am looking for a way to batch convert 10,000-5,000
> FrameMaker  5.5 files into PDF. These files need to be
> converted often since some of the files change daily (I
> would have no idea which ones have changed), so the
> program or script would have to be able to identify the
> changed documents by date and AUTOMATICALLY
> convert  the changed files instead of all 16,000 files
> each time.
> Ideally, I would like a way to batch convert files to PDF
> automatically in the evening or when someone saves
> a FrameMaker file.
> FrameMaker files are created on Windows NT and HP UNIX.

Kristine, (we have already communicated on the Adobe forum)

This can easily be done on UNIX using the utilities fmbatch or
fmprint, that are included in the FM installation on UNIX. 
They are documented at the end of the FM 5.5 User Guide.
You can use either fmbatch or fmprint to print a specified
FM file, according to a print settings file. This is a
normal FM file which have certain print settings stored in
the file (by setting Print options in the Print dialog).
If you set it up to print to PS file, fmbatch/fmprint will
print a PS file for you, which you can direct to a watched
folder for the Acrobat Distiller. At least in UNIX, you can
also set it up to print to a PDF file directly, which will
automatically invoke the Distiller.

You'll have to experiment a bit with Print settings and
Distiller settings, but it's perfectly doable. I've done some
simple tests with it, but haven't had time to check if there
are any real problems with it.

On UNIX, you can also script the whole process of finding the
correct files to convert, move the PDF files into a certain
directory, etc.

On Windows, the FM plug-in DZbatcher can do nearly the same thing
as fmbatch/fmprint on UNIX, but I have no practical experiences
with it. (see http://www.datazone.com/dzbatcher2.html)
Whether you can achieve the same complete, automated script
solution as you can on UNIX is a different matter.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
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