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Well, this is new...

I recently upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 4. The screen splash says 4.05c, so
I assume that's the version I'm running. Other vital statistics: Frame
5.5.6, Windows NT.

The problem: All scanned forms in our huge policy and procedure manual
now appear with a nauseating pale green background rather than with a
white background. You know, the green on the walls in your elementary
school (if you're around my age), and currently used by the IRS on the
covers of some of its booklets. This happens only in the distilled
files; the Frame files are hunky dory.

In addition, headings are set to have numbering appear at the beginning
of the para, but in white. Those are now sort of a faintly glowing alien
green in the distilled files. Again, Frame files hunky dory.

If I view the files with Acrobat Reader 3, everything looks OK, forms
and numbers.

I like green as well as the next person, but not in these shades, and
not for these items. Any clues? I don't remember reading about this
particular problem on the list before.

All suggestions welcomed.


Jo Baer
Senior Technical Writer
TCF Financial Corporation
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Forget world peace.
Visualize using your turn signal.

 Bumper S. Ticker

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