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Re: Equation differences between AdobePS versions

Update to previous post ... Don't use Solution 1 suggested at
that URL. Newer versions of AdobePS don't fix the problem. Use
Solution 2 that requires your hacking of PPD files!!!!!!!!!!!!

        - Dov

This has been discussed quite a few times ad nauseum on these
lists. To find your most likely fix, go to
<http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/1a816.htm> and follow
its directions.

This also applies to AdobePS versions greater than 4.2.6.
(I'll almost bet that you are creating PDF files from 
the PostScript driver configured for the LaserJet 4 instead of
using the Distiller Assistant.)

        - Dov

At 11/30/2000 05:51 PM, Michael Cudmore wrote:
>System info:
>Windows 95 OSR2 or 98 SE
>FrameMaker 5.5 for Windows 
>AdobePS 4.1 
>Acrobat 3.01RA with Distiller upgraded to 3.02
>HP LaserJet 4 with postscript kit (6 MB)
>The situation:
>Testing the AdobePS 4.2.6 driver, with a view to upgrading from the
>4.1 version.
>The problem:
>When I change printer drivers from 4.1 to 4.2.6, the positioning of
>some elements in FrameMaker's equations changes quite dramatically.
>With the 4.2.6 driver installed using the same PPD, and using the same
>fonts in the same FM document, some of the equation elements, such as
>superior/inferior tilde and arrow (i.e. vector notation) are spaced a
>lot further from the normal position text than they were with the 4.1
>driver. In many cases the tilde or other element is cropped by the
>anchored frame, where it fit quite comfortably under the old driver. I
>see this both onscreen and in PDF and direct laser prints from FM. No
>new fonts have been installed, removed or changed, and I have matched
>the driver font substitution table with the previous settings. The
>equations use the default symbol family listing in the mathchar.cfg
>file to set font and character for each equation element. 
>It is worth noting that I see much smaller (but still present)
>differences in spacing of this type of math element when I switch
>between the Microsoft/Adobe pscript 4.00 driver and the AdobePS 4.1
>driver, which are able to be installed on the same machine
>Has anyone else seen this behaviour? I presume this is a font metrics
>issue. The same font files are used with both versions of the driver,
>so perhaps 4.2.6 reads the font metrics file differently, or makes
>different assumptions about the character sizes? Is there any way out?
>I do not want to have to rewrap all equations and reflow every
>document just because of a minor ps driver upgrade.
>I am not aware that I currently need any specific features of the
>4.2.6 driver, and the 4.1 seems to work well, but I may soon be
>supplying FM 5.5 files to a printer for separation, and they may use
>4.2.6, so I need to get to the bottom of this. 
>Michael Cudmore
>Project Development Manager
>National Educational Advancement Programs (NEAP) Pty Ltd
>58 Pelham St  Carlton  Vic  3053   AUSTRALIA
>Tel:    +61 3 9663 2523    Fax:  +61 3 9663 7182
>e-mail: (work)    mcudmore@neap.com.au
>        (pers)    mcudmore@email.com
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