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Re: FM usage reports

Jennifer -

the command:

$FMHOME/bin/fmreport $FMHOME/fminit/tmp/fm_fls.log

will generate a report on the fm_fls (FrameMaker Floating License Server)
process by processing and decoding the default output log file.

This report can be VERY long, as it persists and grows across system reboots,
licnse server starts, etc. 

The data will include the data/timestamp for each time the fm_fls daemon
started, the hostname, the license file name, the longest and shortest
times a license was checked out, and a date/time grid of license use, as
well as license denials (ever get a message like "Cant' get a license, OK
to run in Demo Mode").

| Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 12:11:02 -0800
| From: Jennifer Olker <jennifer@nms.fnc.fujitsu.com>
| To: framers@FrameUsers.com (Framers List)
| Subject: FM usage reports
| I haven't heard back from anyone on this, but my email has been acting
| up.
| I was hoping someone knew how to find out on UNIX how many licenses we
| are using at any given time.
| Thanks, Jennifer

-- Lester
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