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Problems with cross-book references

Hello All!

I'm new to the list, so I hope this question hasn't already been discussed
ad nauseum.

I'm currently struggling with a cross-book reference issue. Here's a summary
of my steps:
1. I open the book chapters that contain the information I want to
2. I place a cross-reference into the source chapter.
3. When I generate/update the source book, I have the target books (but not
the chapters) open so FrameMaker uses the book file name as the target PDF
2. I use Save As... to generate the PDF file.
3. When I launch Reader to view the PDF, I receive the following error
message when I try to use the cross-book reference hypertext link: "The
specified file ../DocuCreate WS/TCW15U01/TCW15ED0.pdf does not exist."
While, the relative path is correct, the name of the PDF is actually

Thus far, I only use two cross-book references and I receive a similar error
message on the other reference.

I keep the .bk, .IX, .TOC, and all chapter files for a book in its own
directory, I'm dealing with three books in three separate directories, and I
place the PDF in the same place as its book. I'm working on FrameMaker 5.5.6
on Windows 98.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alan Braun
Senior Technical Writer
DocuCorp International, Inc.

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