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Problems with cross-book references

> Hello All!
> I'm new to the list, so I hope this question hasn't already been discussed
> ad nauseum.
> I'm currently struggling with a cross-book reference issue. Here's a
> summary of my steps:
> 1. I open the book chapters that contain the information I want to
> reference.
> 2. I place a cross-reference into the source chapter.
> 3. When I generate/update the source book, I have the target books (but
> not the chapters) open so FrameMaker uses the book file name as the target
> PDF file.
> 2. I use Save As... to generate the PDF file.
> 3. When I launch Reader to view the PDF, I receive the following error
> message when I try to use the cross-book reference hypertext link: "The
> specified file ../DocuCreate WS/TCW15U01/TCW15ED0.pdf does not exist."
> While, the relative path is correct, the name of the PDF is actually
> TCW15U01.
> Thus far, I only use two cross-book references and I receive a similar
> error message on the other reference.
> I keep the .bk, .IX, .TOC, and all chapter files for a book in its own
> directory, I'm dealing with three books in three separate directories, and
> I place the PDF in the same place as its book. I'm working on FrameMaker
> 5.5.6 on Windows 98.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Alan Braun
> Senior Technical Writer
> DocuCorp International, Inc.
> abraun@docucorp.com

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