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Text Insets problem resolved (I think!)

My thanks to Guy Haas, Dan Emory, and Marc A. Santacroce for their insights
into fixing my text inset problem.

Although non of the individual solutions seemed to solve the problem in my
case, the combination of the responses helped me find a solution.

I ended up adding a blank paragraph at the beginning of the text inset that
was tagged with my standard figure anchor tag. Voila, no more paragraphs
hanging out at the end with the autonumbering text inserted.

Once again, this list has come through--even on the weekend. My deepest
admiration to all of you who are also working on the weekend.

Looking forward to serving you

Jerilynne Sander, FrameMaker A.C.E.
Simply Written, Inc.
Check our website for information on what you need to do *before* you pick
your single-sourcing tools
Next single-sourcing class is in January 2001

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