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        - Dov

At 11/17/00 11:28 AM, Reuben Patterson wrote:
>>Is there any way to shrink a PDF without
>>cropping?  In other words, I have a 200 page book that is currently sized at
>>8.5 X 11.  We'd like to print and bind it now at a 7 X 9.  Needless to say I
>>need to do this yesterday so I'd like to avoid resizing the original
>>FrameMaker file and messing with page breaks, etc.
>What about Acrobat InProduction?  Anything in that product which could be useful
>in this situation?
>Just curious,
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>Dov Isaacs wrote:
>> Ron,
>> Try the Acrobat plug-in, "Quite Imposing Plus", from Quite
>> Software. This plug-in provides extensive prepress page imposition
>> functions including resizing, n-up, step-and-repeat, booklets, etc.
>>         - Dov

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